Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tuesday is fun day!

This Tuesday is my art group. That's what I call it since we don't have a formal name (even though we have been meeting for over ten years now!). I started this group with a college friend and we were talking about how productive we were in school with a profesor handing out assignments. So... we started to give each other assignments, and slowly others wanted to join in on the fun. Full attendance of the group now numbers around eighteen artists. We vary from painters, photography, doll makers, potters, wood carvers, etc! What we do is to give the group a challenge, and then gather the following month to view the body of work, share thoughts, talk about new methods, up coming events, and of coarse some good food and a touch of wine. It is a simple concept which has been incredibly rewarding. Thinking about one idea over a months time has made me come up with things I never would have done with out "my group"! Plus the insight to the creative process is amazing when you look at eighteen different works, all starting from the same idea-or challenge. I highly recommend you stsrting a similar group in your area if you are an artist, but if you don't I'll share me project with you. I'd love to see what you come up with. Remember to keep the projects generic so it can fit into any medium. This month the project was "19". I'll show you what I came up with on my next post.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What to say???

i'm so tired of giving cards that i have to cross out words so that the needs of the card fit into my GAY occasion! Being an artist,i've decided to fill the need of appropriate cards and created knordesigns. along the way i hope to share the origin of how my ideas grow into my finished work, and hopefully fit the needs of someone else out there! To view my collection of cards, i hope you get to visit me at