Thursday, March 1, 2007

My solution to "19"

We had a great night on Tuesday! At first we all hated the project "19" but it was amazing what an array of work it produced. Surprisingly few people took the same approach. Our group was about 10 people. We never get 100% attendance, its close to impossible to pick one date that would work for everybody so 10 was a good turn out. Just a few examples of the way a project causes a diverse body of work: One woman went with roman numeral 19 (XIX), she punched a faceted series of X and I and painted each angle a different color and tone so as the piece was moved every angle was a different color. One man did a series of leaves altered in the computer and collaged with drawn and painted elements, and yes... he did 19 of them. Another woman did a painting of her dog and cat on a tiled floor, they were viewed from behind each drinking from a bowl side by side. The larger dog created the straight up and down of the number one and the smaller cat with it's head in a good sized bowl created the number nine. It's always so fun to see what people will come up with! For myself, I always try to make my designs work into a card idea for my new buisiness (, and since Febuary is love was a Valentine card. I divided the page into 20 squares, and put a heart into only 19, hope you like it!

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