Thursday, March 22, 2007

Full support for every gender.

I can't believe it, this tuesday is fun day again! A whole month has passed already! Hopefully I am going to do two responses to the group art project this month. As I'm sure you remember, the two project options we had were either 1-"Total opposites" or 2-" Bargain basement". Actually this piece works well for both depending on what you pay for your under garments. I did the card of the jock strap awhile ago and had always intended to do the female version, so what better time than with the project total opposites. Even though there are many similarities, they are so opposite according to gender as well as the body parts they are intended for. As a card design they work well as a card of support with a touch of humor. Possibly from a close friend or family member in support of ones life style, but also for the numerous life occasions which gladly call for support. Most of those occasions probably also welcome the giggle the card hopefully causes. As all of my cards are, this design was done in a mixture of pen and ink and watercolor. The grainy texture in the background was done by sprinkling salt onto the wet paint. the salt is rubbed off once dry. The texture comes from the salt absorbing the wet paint leaving "spots". I used table salt for a fine texture, but if your going to try this, try different salts such as kosher salt, sea salt, and rock salt. Each one gives a different effect.

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